‘Paintless Dent Repair’ What is paintless car dent repair? and can it save me money on my car dent repair?

Paintless Car Dent Repair

Paintless car dent repair is a method used to repair damage to your car also known as PDR this technique means there is no need to paint or respray damaged area, this has a lot of advantages including cutting cost of repairs.

Paintless car dent repair the smart repair centre dublin

Paintless Car Dent Repair

Advantages of Paintless car dent repair

  • No need for filling and painting damaged area
  • Repair time is considerably shorter meaning your back on road much quicker
    Car restored to showroom condition
  • Cost is much less than traditional dent removal techniques
  • No need for colour coding

Why choose the Smart Repair Centre For your Dent Repairs 

We are the leading Smart repair centre in Dublin with 15+ years experience
Fast friendly service
We believe in reducing costs to clients ensuring quality service at all times, meaning our customer satisfaction policy allows our client consider us for future repairs
State of the art facility ideally located just off m50
Fully insured and guarantee on all work carried out.
Get in touch with the team fill in contact form/ or call Brian(087-6037815) or Kevin(087-9061373) will be happy to get back to you at your convenience.

Contact The Team For More info

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‘Where can i get my car respray in Dublin’ and will this add value to my car

Looking to have your car resprayed?

For all car paint repair issues we have you covered, from the small to medium repair to full car resprays we can repair, for the more full resprays we have a state of the art oven where cars are resprayed professionally in temperature controlled environment to produce top quality finish.

We cover all car painting issues whether it be minor car paint repair we have the solution, below is some of the typical car paint repairs.


What are the benefits of having your car resprayed?

  • Apart from your car looking new again, this repair can dramatically increase the value of your car if you are considering selling.
  • Repairs can be generally carried out in 24 hours depending on your repair be it full respray or minor touch up.
  • Done correctly this repair can last a long time meaning any future repairs will be less costly.

Fore more information or free quote please feel free to get in touch

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‘Leather Car Seat Covers’ Top tips to save you money on your leather car seat repairs


Your pride and joy your sanctuary your car those amazing leather seats you look good they look good so lets keep it that way here are some simple tips to help.

Luckily it’s  easy to keep your seats clean. To start set reminder in your phone beside go gym to spend ten minutes on your leather car seats this will save you money in long run.

There are plenty of  cleaner and conditioners on the market, in lotion, spray, or wipe form. They all work pretty much the same way: A gentle oil helps remove excess dirt and keeps the leather in good condition.

. If you’re  really serious, you can buy  products for each step and use a leather conditioner more frequently than a cleaner. Avoid vinyl cleaners as well as those with petroleum-based solvents or silicon ethey’ll leave your leather with too much sheen . Most high-end products give the leather a low gloss similar to its original appearance. If you have perforated leather, stay away from lotion-based stuff as it can get stuck in the tiny holes and dry white. Also, don’t forget to read all the instructions.

Yep if your a guy instructions? who reads them? in this case unlike making up kids garage on xmas eve with a few beers i highly recommend reading instructions.

If all else fails

See images below if what you can achieve yourself otherwise we are happy to help with advice on maintenance/ products or doing leather restoration we also do standard car upholstery repair and happy to advise on this…

Leather Car seat repair

Leather car seat cover before repair image

leather car seat repair

leather car seat repair

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Tips For Keeping Your Alloy Wheels In Great Condition And Save You Money On Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs at The Smart Repair Centre

Alloy wheels on your car not only enhance the look of your car but add value if ever you decide to resell, so it is important to try take care of them otherwise they may have to be replaced or hopefully just repaired here are some tips to take care of your alloy wheels.

Cleaning your alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are like most things you look after them and they last longer this starts with simply keeping them clean, heres how!

  • Clean with with cloth and soapy water trying to get as much residue as possible this can help with corrosion build up, to get a better clean you can purchase solutions specifically for cleaning alloy wheels to great effect, most repair outlets can help with this and can advise you in procedure.
  • Tips for cleaning Alloys

When cleaning your alloy wheels make sure you use delicate cloth microfibre will probably work best, do not use any coarse cloths you may scratch Alloy wheel causing more damage, also for best results ensure wheels are cool before cleaning.

Alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Here is image of Alloy wheel repair from us at the Smart Repair Centre just in case you ever need us, so get cleaning and look after those Alloys, we are always available for advice and tips feel free to follow this blog for future tips, have a question on Alloy repairs? get in touch……

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Hello world!

This is our very first post from the Smart Repair Centre welcome to our blog where we will be posting news from the Smart Repair Specialists.

Need a question on Smart Repair? Alloy wheel repair? interior repair? any car repair issues including crash minor or otherwise call Brian and Kevin they will be happy to offer there expert advice….

smart repair centre

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